Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Dean Street Townhouse

Dean Street Townhouse, part of the Soho House group, combines modest Georgian opulence (wood panelling, distressed mirrors) with the feel of a bustling Parisian brasserie. The menu, having a distinctly British feel, finely executes classic dishes with flair. When hungry like the wolf, why not sink your fangs into the Porterhouse Steak? Although for two it is a rather large piece of meat, and comes with a bĂ©arnaise and chips. If you have been bar hopping for the majority of the evening, this is perfect fare. Washing it down with a robust red is mandatory. 
As you would expect from most establishments of this calibre, the service is good and the overall dining experience is atmospheric and you leave knowing you've had a proper meal. 

*Photo courtesy of The Telegraph

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Friday, May 15, 2015

Pasta Blues

A trip to Borough Market is a wonderful thing, and I always come home with a haul of goodies. One delight this week was a gorgeous, creamy blue from Bath Soft Cheese Company 
Pasta is always an easy yet satisfying option to showcase ingredients without too much masking.
Cook some strips of chicken in a good quality olive oil (I always opt for one with lots of grassy notes) and then add some cherry tomatoes to the pan and smash them a little. At the last minute add two cloves of crushed garlic, a couple of hand-torn dates and chunks of the blue cheese. The dates add a lovely sweetness to offset the oomph of the blue. Pour over freshly cooked taglitelle. An easy lunch that will give your Instagram followers instant food envy.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Gull's Eggs

So apparently here in the UK, eating gull's eggs is a thing; a rather prestigious thing. The season for the black-headed gull's eggs is incredibly short and each speckled beauty will set you back £7. Luckily friends of mine attended a gull's egg luncheon and smuggled me back a couple to try. The verdict? Small and eggy. All eggs I have tried taste very similar. They taste like eggs. The only differences are nuances in texture and richness. The white was silky and soft and the yolk was quite rich in flavour and deep in colour. You'd need about 10 to make a bowl of scrambled eggs. A bowl of £70 scrambled eggs. But of course, darling. 

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