Sunday, January 4, 2015


So I was in New York for my birthday, and it snowed. So beautiful. 

Thursday, January 1, 2015


2014 has been triumphant; full of new places, new people, new experiences, but mostly of that gut-wrenchingly amazing feeling of being alive. Please, don't stay put. Pack it all up. Go. Live. Say, "yes". Throw caution to the wind. Get lost. Eat a zebra. Live. 2015: come at me. I'm wide open.

St Kitts

Monday, December 29, 2014

Hotel Chocolat

 As I walked up the stairs to the restaurant, I saw it and it took my breath away. St Lucia's Pitons - luscious tree covered peaks reminiscent of Jurassic Park almost seem within touching distance from this idyllic spot outside of Soyfrites. This restaurant was picked because of the view and anything else was a bonus. The car trip through winding jungle roads, through shanty towns and dilapidated roadside huts, selling corn on the cob and rum punch, was the perfect way to see this place. I was reminded of Jean Rhys' Wide Sargasso Sea and the Caribbean's fertile and mystical beauty she speaks of, that which was all too much for Englishman Rochester to bear. My soul embraces it and I am awestruck.
Although described by our local guide and friend Kelly, whose energy is reminiscent of a frat boy on spring break, as one of the best restaurants he's ever eaten at, I'm sure his opinion was swayed by the location and sumptuous vista.
As a hotel chocolat themed menu, everything has some form of the cacao plant in it, from bread with a 65% dark chocolate and balsamic dip to a chocolate infused burger.
An interesting concept, utilizing the locally grown cacao pods, the food unfortunately lacked finesse and although one doesn't want to judge, perhaps in countries like this it's best to stick to street food that is done amazingly well rather than a western style fine dining experience. Highlights included seared tuna that was a lovely shade of blush inside and a white chocolate sauce to accompany a Mojito fruit salad.
With that view though, who cares? The company of similar souls and the electricity of conversation and laughter was worth suffering through mediocre food.
If ever in St Lucia I would certainly recommend Boucan as it is a truly heartachingly beautiful patch on God's earth.

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