Sunday, September 30, 2012


I have often walked past Xage and been amazed at how full and lively it always is, so it became part of my must try list, and it turned out to be the ideal pre-Peter Combe concert dining spot. 

We started with Duck and Hoisin Rice Paper Rolls. These were fresh and packed with goodies. 

I somehow seem to always be out with people who are not too keen on pork, however, tonight was one of those rare times I could order it, although half way through the dish, my friend Aos, remarked "See, this is why I don't eat pork!", as he held up a substantial, rippling swatch of fat. The Caramelised Slow-cooked Berkshire Pork Shoulder Thit Khi literally fell apart in one's mouth. It was so soft and so juicy. 

The Asian Greens with Lemongrass Chilli Sauce (although really more mixed vegetables), complemented the fatty richness of the pork well and staved off any sort of heart attack.

A special shout-out to the water. We must have gone through three jugs of the stuff. It was cold and fresh! Ha. Water. So many places get it so wrong.

Xage has great service and is BYO. It is also very reasonably priced which can sometimes be rare in this Crown Street, gentrified Surry neck of the woods. After we left, it was time to go in search of newspaper to make our Newspaper Mama hats... Excellent.

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