Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Parramatta. It doesn't exactly scream awesome, hipster cafe... In fact, it doesn't even whisper it, but today, I became a believer; there are fab, trendy finds west of the border...

Circa is a wonderful oasis with brilliant coffee and even more brilliant food.

The fit-out is shabby-chic, bric-a-brac cool and creates a relaxed, welcoming vibe. The staff is friendly and accommodating and everyone makes sure we are well looked after with our little one.

The coffee is excellent. It's rich, bold and cheeky. It is the Richard Branson of coffees. My darling Eric is most pleased they have a large (unlike a certain Melbourne establishment) and promptly orders another two gulps into his first.

Little Keira enjoys Mum's Hot Chocolate, which looks dark and decadent.

The menu is full of enticing dishes, each with a little quirk to take it from the ordinary into the exciting.

Shaz and I order the breakfast that comes in a pan. I love things that come in pans. I am a total panhandler. It is baked eggs with feta, tomatoes, chilli and sujuk, which is a delicious Turkish sausage a bit similar to chorizo but made from lamb. It is spicy and brash and works beautifully with everything swooshed around in the pan. It is undoubtedly one of the grandest cafe breakfasts around. I love that it's a dish you want to go out for... Sometimes it's hard to get enthused about going out for breakfast when it's just plain eggs on toast with a bit of old bacon. Yawn.

Darling Eric proclaims it's the best breakfast he's ever eaten. He has ordered the Ottoman Eggs: poached free-range eggs with garlic labne, chilli and sage on sourdough, with eggplant done in an almost tempura style batter. He really enjoys the chilli on the eggs, despite his original reservation. I try a bite. It is yummy, but mine is more so.

The good news keeps rolling in as prices here are a steal. The huge pan of goodness I ordered, which filled me until dinner, was only $14. Bargain. And the Ottoman Eggs $10. 

Circa is definitely worth making the trip to. I am already planning my next visit as I sit here, almost hypnotised by the thought of that sujuk... Drool.

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