Monday, October 8, 2012

Ms G's

Ms G's, situated in leafy Potts Point, is a haven of good times; the food is delicious, the drinks are delicious and the atmosphere is delicious. Rocking up on a Monday night, I was not expect it to be as rollicking as it was. It started rather calmly at the sensible senior-citizen time of 6.30, but an hour later, Monday night was looking more like a Thursday night... Which just goes to show that there are no quiet nights left in Sydney.

Cocktails were definitely in order. Enter Monkey Magic: Monkey Shoulder whisky, Canton Ginger Liquer, Aperol and Bitters. This is definitely some sort of magic. It's nostalgic, masculine, hard magic. Hey Presto!

The menu is a delight. It is one of those menus where you want one of everything! So I tried my best to get a good smattering of yummies. Sydney Rock oysters with lemongrass vinaigrette. Zesty, oceany. Yes.

I love betel leaf. I love its minty, peppery qualities and I love wrapping succulent morsels up in its dark green cloak... Like this Snow Crab... The flesh was delicate and tender. Crab at its best.

Next, the Ms G's grilled corn on the cob with parmesan and lime. This was so incredibly simple yet so mouthwateringly good. You must get this if you go!

And now for the infamous sliders I'd heard so much about, Mini Bahn Mi. These come with crisp pork belly or chicken katsu and are delectable little poppets of crunch and tang and cool and fat and mmm yeah... 

Maple-cured bacon seems to be everywhere at the moment. It's at Costco, it's in my fridge, it was at Hartsyard the other week and here it is at Ms G's... Maple bacon, chicharron, sichuan apple and fennel salad. This was a cracking combination and disappeared rather swiftly.

Moving into main territory (all of that was just a warm-up) the lemongrass king prawns are somewhat spectacular. They are fat and juicy and buttery and lip-smacking and <insert Homer Simpson's drool sound here>...

The grilled wagyu flank steak, pho jus and traditional pho garnish is a treat. It's hearty and fresh at the same time. The hunks of flesh are soft and robust in flavour and are balanced by the zing of the coriander and chilli. 

With my stomach almost at bursting point, I can somehow manage to scoff down a bit of dessert... So I pick something light... The Stoner's Delight 2.0 - Doughnut ice cream, peanut butter, raspberry jam, candied bacon (bacon is the new black, it is EVERYWHERE... In the last month alone it has pervaded my cocktails, my salads, my burgers, my main, my breakfast and now my desserts...), potato chips mars bar slice and banana fritter. Yep, all of that in one glorious concoction. 

You didn't expect me to get through all of that food with only one cocktail did you? The Aloe Vera is Absolut Vanilla, limoncello, crushed lemons and aloe vera foam. For those of you wondering what aloe vera tastes like, I would describe it as that fake grape tasting candy from childhood... I love it. This drink is divine. The foam is simply a gorgeous textural experience. I would like another right now!

Ms G's, although a pun on MSG, doesn't really serve Asian food, it serves Modern Australian with Asian inspired flavours. The style is a fusion of classical techniques, Asian zing and butter... A winning combination. It is probably best to go here in a small group so you can fully explore the exciting menu and really get amongst it... 

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