Thursday, October 4, 2012


Perched on a corner in Annandale, this old converted pub (well, I assume it was a pub due to the tiled outside walls) is a hive of activity. When Mum and I first went for Sunday breakfast a couple of weeks ago, we could barely get near the place so had to settle for take-away coffee and date slice. The coffee was excellent. We knew we had to return.

Being a sunny spring day, we have taken Charlie Dog with us, so we sit outside. We both fall in love with the shabby-chic style of Revolver.

This plate nearly left with me. I had to restrain myself. Note to self: scour Vinnie's to find cool vintage crockery.

This gem was also eyed-off for my collection.

Anyway, plates aside, the breakfast arrives, and thank goodness we were sharing. It is massive. An abundance of goodies swimming in a delicious tomatoey, beany sauce. You get it all and everything is cooked just so, and we love that it is served in a cast-iron pan. It's the details! The vegetarian breakfast has been recommended for my next visit which has another host of delights to enjoy.

The coffee is again excellent as is the strawberry smoothie I have. It is thick and pink and icy cold and large. Yes. The service is friendly and prompt and makes Revolver my new fave spot for breakfast. 

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