Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Beach Burrito Company

Welcome to 2013. It is shiny and precious and full of delightful promise. What better way to see out the first day of the year than kicking back with some tacos and sangria. I have, by default, eaten a lot of Mexican food lately, as I conspire with a self-confessed burrito addict, and get suckered into his web of Mexican entrapment. Having eaten Mad Mex, Guzman y Gomez (which was really tasty, despite what self-confessed burrito addict may say) today I tried Beach Burrito Company in Newtown. The service was slap-dash, but we tried not to let that get us down as we sat in the dappled sunlight, the summer heat engulfing us.

Sangria by the litre... Sold! It was cool and refreshing and after all of last night's champagne (Bollinger is only good for watering your plants) it was a welcome change.

For some reason, I cannot get enough pork when it comes to Mexican. It is always so juicy and good. I opted for the elegantly named Green Chilli Roasted Pig Tacos. They were fresh and lighter than I expected, which was probably good for my figure, but I really wanted a fat hit, and they were just not fatty... The cabbage was a lovely burst of peppery freshness. I loaded them up with hot sauce and gave my mouth a good burning. Gotta love that.

Chef Ali and Optometrist Michael had the Chicken Quesadillas and thoroughly enjoyed them... Perhaps my fat craving would have been sated had I ordered this as it was all melted cheese goodness and sour cream. 

As I sit here typing, I can see that my skin is a little darker and my spirit feels a little lighter and I think 2013 was ushered in with open hearts. Let's not close them.

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