Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Coffee Hot Shots

Innaloo, yes, a terrible name, is now home to some pretty decent coffee. After living in Perth a decade ago when the city was devoid of good coffee finally there are certain establishments serving real brew and giving this town a bit of credibility.

Coffee Hot Shots, yes, a terrible name, is one of those places. Even though it is right around the corner from my friend's house, and she has lived here a year now, she had never given it a second glance as from the outside, there is nothing of intrigue or a pleasing aesthetic to draw one in. Inside though, it is rather cute.

The baristas are chatty and genuinely nice, so even before I have tasted their coffee, they have won points. Conversation reveals that I'm here on holiday and have come all the way from Sydney to taste their coffee, so the pressure is on. Their eyes are on me as I take my first sip... "It doesn't need sugar." I remark.
"That's a compliment!" says the bearded young man.
The coffee is smooth and creamy without a trace of bitterness. My only criticism is that it is not strong enough for my liking. I rectify this by next time ordering a double shot. Perfect. 

On my following visit, the bearded young man remembers me, which I like and this confirms their status of great service in my books. So many places back East are poor at building strong customer relationships, perhaps this is because of their high traffic, but sometimes it's because of their attitude problems.

"So what are you doing in Perth?" asks one of the rather lovely young men behind the counter.
"I'm here visiting my friend who's having a baby."
"Scary... It's scary when you're friends start having babies."
I nod and smile, but I'm really smiling as this guy has no idea how old I actually am. He thinks I'm 19 and that's fine with me.

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