Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Secret Slice

Secret Slice. It should not be a secret. It should be shouted from the roof tops that this is the most delicious pizza around. I have lived in my apartment nearly six years and to think this goldmine was literally around the corner from me, sitting there in its resplendent pizza-glory... To think I ignored their fliers in my letterbox... But now I shall make up for lost time. I can't quite recall the exact reason I first went there... But I was hooked right away. Since then, I often crave it and have discovered the winning combination: garlic prawns, feta, eggplant and chilli. As you can see from the photo, the prawns are fat and succulent, not those shrimpy little sad ones often miserably strewn across seafood pizzas. The base and crust, are perfect; not greasy or doughy, and each mouthful is packed with flavour; there are no bald spots on the pizza. Nobody likes a bald spot... 

So there you have it... a secret not kept but told... exposed... Secret Slice, I love you.

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