Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tuck Shop

Tuck Shop in Northbridge is heralded for having some of the best pies around. I had to go. 

Only in Perth can one get a carpark right outside one's destination. Gotta love that. We walk in to Tuck Shop. It's urban chic without being judgemental or cold. The waitress brings us a highchair for Baby Keira and takes the stroller away and asks if she would like toast and jam? Yes. She would. We are thankful for such thoughtful service as it is not always the easiest thing taking toddlers to hip inner-city cafes. 

I order a flat white. Bang. Two days in a row with good coffee luck. It's bold and disappears at lightning speed.

And now for the pies... We split a Lamb, Vegetable and Rosemary and a Moroccan Vegetable. The lamb is lovely, with its soft hunks spilling out of the pie. The vegetables are chunky and not too mushy. It is a good pie. My only criticism is that the pastry is a little soggy. Flaky, buttery pastry is imperative for a pie to reach that ultimate pie status.

The Moroccan pie is filled with sweet potato and cumin and is pretty darn tasty. The pastry is crispier on this pie too. The pies are large and after the chips we packed in too, I need to walk it all off. 

I did have a little food envy when I laid eyes on the plates of poached eggs and chorizo and smoked salmon and pancakes being delivered to other tables, but I did come for the pies, and when people throw around the epithet of "best pies in town", you sit up and take notice.

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