Thursday, April 18, 2013

La Shish

Almost a year ago, at a dear friend's birthday party, which I look back on and chuckle about as he was recovering from a little surgical procedure at the time... A little, voluntary procedure... I met a lovely man who recommended La Shish to me. Seeing as he was Lebanese, I was picking his food brain as to where once can get great Lebanese food in Sydney, and he recommended La Shish in Guildford.

So, off Mum (I am tempted to write Mother, as I am right in the middle of watching Arrested Development again... Buster and Lucille are my favourites) and I went to Guildford... Simply pass by the world's ugliest bridge

Answer the troll-who-keeps-the-bridge's questions three and you're there.

La Shish is rather quiet at this time of day, 2pm. The waiters are lovely and one feels very welcome. 

We order the mixed grill plate to share. It is gigantic, and it's the best way to sample a broad cross-section of the fare. It is so damn tasty. The chunks of chicken are plump and smack of that coaly goodness. The lamb koftas are succulent and bursting with a robust, meaty flavour. The toum packs a mighty fat fist to your face... Hello! It is so garlicky it hurts, almost. 

The plate comes with the obligatory pickle plate - man those pickled chillies are good - and a stack of bread. Concocting little parcels, spread with this, and loaded with that, is a lovely way to spend a lunchtime and for $20 (which feeds two hungry ladies) is a bargain too.

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