Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Best Burger in Adelaide - Burger Theory

Food Trucks are all the rage in Adelaide. They have somewhat of a cult following, and are serving up delicious fare all over town. 

Partial to a burger, as you know, when the Burger Theory truck parks itself outside your university (I'm in Adelaide for 3 weeks to study my Masters in Food) you do not say 'no'.

Touted as possibly the best burger in Adelaide, I can say with authority and confidence, it is certainly the best burger in Adelaide (let's just ignore the fact I have only had one burger in Adelaide).

Look at it. Isn't it just perfect? It's so crumpled, and flawed and ugly. You just know it's going to be awesome. It is. The bun, an element which can make or break a burger, is bang on. It is squishy and charred and full of flavour... Why wouldn't you use the bun to carry flavour, rather than just house the innards of the burger? The meaty, smoky flavour imparted to the bun from the grill is ace.

The pattie is juicy and has that essential ingredient: grease. It is a simple burger, the Number 1, with lettuce tomato and cheese. What I wouldn't do to get a rasher of bacon thrown on it... Drool. The burger is finished off with a good dollop of 'Truck Saunce', which is a tnagy mayo. 

There is a Number 2 burger (hee hee) with pancetta, onion confit and blue cheese sauce, but that sounds so heart-stoppingly intense that I couldn't possibly bring myself to order one... Besides, I am a classicist. Just give me a good ol' plain burger. I find the most beauty in the simple things.

May I draw your attention again, to the inside of that bun... Such ebony glory. 

Burger Theory. If you're in Adelaide, hunt them down by checking their website for locations. It is worth the chase.

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