Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Best Burger in Adelaide - Chuck Wagon

Just when you think a woman so small could not possibly eat another large burger, she does... 

After a long day of classes studying medieval iconography in relation to culinary history, I thought a brisk rather lengthy walk up to Chuck Wagon in North Adelaide was in order to revive my spirits. 

Chuck Wagon had come rather highly recommended but I felt a little hesitant as I knew I'd already attained burger utopia here in Adelaide, but you live and learn.

Spacious and open if not a little lacklustre in its slightly confused atheistic, Chuck Wagon doesn't seem to have much atmosphere, although it is only 4.45pm, which is no-man's time. The waiter is perky and pleasant so that gives the place a bit of vibrancy.

I order a Royal with Cheese - yes, Pulp Fiction reference on purpose - which is on their specials menu ($9)... Why a standard cheeseburger with pickles is not on their everyday menu is a little perplexing, but I am glad it is here today for my consumption. I add bacon. Bacon is awesome in case you didn't know. 

She looks good. She tastes funny. She has a peculiar gamy taste. Natasha's The Mexican has it too. The meat tastes odd; like it's not actually beef, but some other creature, a camel perhaps. The name of the restaurant is so, as they only use chuck steak to make the patties with... Hmmmm, half an hour after eating the burger, on my walk back to the city, I feel it is named Chuck Wagon as that is what one needs: a wagon to come around afterwards to catch your vomit on - a chuck wagon.
I am being a little harsh for comic effect, hopefully it roused a giggle, but there was just something about this burger that did not sit right. It had other things in its favour: it was juicy, pink, the bun wasn't awful but there was just that camel-taste bothering me. Also they had chopped parsley in their patty. Why? Why would you do this? There was also black peeper in there too, but not freshly ground black pepper. It was that black pepper one gets in little sachets at places like McDonalds. Why?

This burger would satisfy the average man... But for me, mediocrity is a sin. 

The fries ($4) were fine. Very fry like. And I did appreciate the range of amusing hot sauces to splash over them.

Chocolate shake ($6) was anaemic, but icy cold. So again, there is good with the bad.

This is by no means a bad burger joint. It would happily do many people, but if you know just how special a burger can be, do not hail down the Chuck Wagon...

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