Thursday, September 26, 2013

Gordon St Garage

Gordon Sy Garage is a beautiful space; with soaring ceilings and large windows, the space makes you feel that this establishment is important. Welcomed by a front counter full of cake- sirens, singing their tempting songs and a humming coffee machine piled high with Pantone turquoise coloured cups, I was instantly in love. 

The breakfast menu is gorgeous and painful; painful as deciding between dishes is rather heartbreaking. Can't we have it all? Sadly the Tasmanina Brie on toast with truffle oil becomes a casualty to Oat and Quinoa Porridge with Apple. It is wholesome and handsome - full of warmth and texture and isn't too sweet. 

The coffee is freshly roasted on site and is smooth and mild, with no jagged edges. Another please.

I am enjoying the bite sized tarts, as this allows me to try a couple of varieties. If I had my way, entire menus would come in miniature form so I could eat it all... All I say <insert evil laugh>. The strawberry tart is a burst of delight, the thin pastry shell cracks in the mouth releasing a baby torrent of custard. The lemon meringue is just darling and is well balanced and zesty.

If breakfast is any indication, the lunch and dinner menus should please any foodie worth his salt. The service is friendly and hipster enough to match the surrounds, with men in denim aprons and Ned Kelly beards bustling about. 

I rue that when I lived in Perth a decade ago, good coffee was an anomalies and the bad coffee was $4.50. Oh how times have changed. Phew.

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